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Adding Layers of Finesse

Entertaining guests in the home has always been a time when the hostess wants to shine her best, so taking the time to set a beautiful table is just a small part of her duties. She wants enough colour in each room to capture the eyes of her guests, and some want a bit of intrigue in some areas. For those who love the whimsical, adding dabs of art throughout the public rooms is often a personal touch to be enjoyed by everyone. For those who want to be just a cut above, adding layers of finesse in different ways will make their home truly stand alone.

Let Shadows Shine

While it has been touted for years that each room should have plenty of natural light shining in through the windows, there will still be areas of any home where that is not possible. It might be that an interior room is part of the public area of the home, or it could simply be that there is only a small wall on the outside. It might appear to be an impossible task to make that particular room as lovely as the rest, but those who let the shadows shine by filling them with discreetly lighted colourful objects will often find they have given new definition to their own world and a bit of panache to their guests.

Creating Warmth

While colours add warmth to many areas of the home, texture can be used in the same manner. Home that depend upon a flat black and white motif often feel cold to visitors and residents. Seating that has plenty of cushion and depth is one way to make guests feel welcome, and the warmth of that welcome could rely on the fabric of the upholstery. A nubby fabric could remind them of a childhood home, or a soft denim could ease them into the just the right mood for a good conversation among family and friends.

Producing Fragrance

There are plenty of products on the market that advertise covering up unwanted aromas in the home, and they are quite useful. Few of them add a layer of welcome like luxury scented candles, and some of the most delicious come from LDC. Her line is inspired by the arts, and they can help create the perfect setting for almost any home entertaining experience. Guests will recognize their beauty even as they enjoy the small flame producing fragrance throughout the room, so placing them throughout the home is a good way to create yet one more layer that says the hostess knows exactly what her guests need to make them comfortable.

There are many ways to decorate a home, and injecting warmth and welcome into is easier than many people believe. Finding the right parts to create a wonderful whole is just a matter of shopping with imagination before issuing invitations. Guests will feel welcome as they view the thoughtful furnishings, and they will relax in even the most shadowy corners of any room when they realize this is a home where their arrival has been eagerly awaited. Serving a meal using luxury tableware always adds a bit of class to the occasion.